mercredi 3 juin 2015

 Que Dieu te donne de la rosée du ciel Et de la graisse de la terre, Du blé et du vin en abondance! Genèse 27:28 .

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  1. God is for us, GOD of salvation, and THE LORD, THE LORD can ensure us from death, Psalm 68:21.

    David, a man after God's Heart, is the interpreter of this psalm inspired by THE HOLY SPIRIT. He is the shepherd who became king of Israel, after having freed from the oppression of the Philistines led by the giant goliath he floored at the NAME OF THE LORD OF HOSTS, with his sling and a stone, recounts 1 Samuel 5:45 p.m.. David recognizes ETERNAL LORD, as THE ONLY TRUE GOD working salvation and guarantees of destruction. THE LORD IS A VALIANT WARRIOR, THE LORD IS HIS NAME, reveals Exodus 15: 3. THE GOD OF ISRAEL, THE LORD go forth as HERO, testifies Isaiah 42:13, to save those who hope in His Deliverance. If you believe in HIS ONLY SON JESUS ​​CHRIST, you shall experience His Omnipotence that delivers. THE HEAVENLY FATHER gives eternal life to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, HIS ONLY SON, says John 3:16